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Double Star Request Form

LCO Username
LCO Password
LCO Proposal Code
Object Name
RA in degrees
Dec in degrees
How dim? (D/M/B)

Enter D, M or B to tell the software how dim your double star is. (Dim, Medium, Bright). Bright is roughly the brightest star being 9th mag or brighter. Medium is 9th to 13th, Dim is beyond that.

100 Hours Proposal Code: LCOEPO2019A-005

Our Solar Siblings Proposal Code: LCOEPO2014B-007 ( NOTE: Research Course participants should use LCOEPO2020A-001 )

BRIEF Proposal Code: LCOEPO2018A-009

This form is not meant to impress or be multifunctional. It is designed to minimise the time it takes for LCO users to collect Double Star Observations. For advanced functionality, use the official observe.lco.global site.

Simply type in your LCO username, LCO password, LCO Proposal Code and an Object Name and this form will attempt to submit an open cluster observation for you to be observed within the next week.

This form will inform you if the object is not available to be observed at this time of the year. If you get your username and password wrong, it will give a connection error. In this case, double-check your username and password at observe.lco.global

Once you have input all your objects using this form, please check that they have all been successfully submitted at the main LCO site, observe.lco.global

Any problems, suggestions or comments, please contact michael@oursolarsiblings.com

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